The thing I most appreciate about the art of yoga is coming home to yourself, rolling out your mat is like opening the gateway to understanding and learning how to listen to your own wisdom.

Whether you have a physical practice or just a sitting practice, when we unroll and place our bodies on the mat it is like opening the door to an intimate date with yourself. We know (or if you didn’t, now you will) that yoga means to unite with our self, to create a union of our hearts, our minds and our spirit. 


There are many practices to do this and movement with breath has been a 20 year mentor.  Meeting our bodies where they are is a journey to self knowledge and self love, our breath is the way to stay in loving presence on our journey, 


Breath and movement lead us inside our physical bodies, a place some of us can be unfamiliar with, and the place that houses our spirit, our desires and also our traumas and patterns. 


By moving while maintaining a steady breath (staying in our harmony state) we get to begin to unravel patterns that hold us back from understanding who we really are and our fullest expression of being. I look forward to connecting with you

love Jody xx

Below find the ways you can practice with me


The thing I love most about teaching yoga is remembering connection to each other.


We live in an era where loneliness is one of the biggest contributors to dis-ease.  When I teach my community yoga classes outside on the earth, one of the things that gives me the most joy is connection to all sorts of people.  This is why I have decided to open this up to a world-wide community. 

Wet grass


Sunday yoga sessions @ Torakina 

Byron Bay

This combines all my favourite things, yoga, connecting to nature, earthing, community, no pressure. 



This started out as something I would do for myself and I wanted to share the experience of starting your day in nature.  Nature is constantly reminding us of a way to be in life, being in flow, impermanence, simplicity and joy.


I aim to hold this yoga session once a week at my local beach,Torakina, Brunswick Heads (please click the link below to see when my next session is).


These classes are run by donation or exchange of whatever you have to give. 


Although I love receiving my income for what I do, I also want to make yoga available for anyone to come regardless of whether they can afford it or not. 


You and me, by the sea, in your home or in mine.....

Private yoga and mentoring are an opportunity for you to use yoga as a tool to assist you on your own personal health and life journey working one to one in a safe environment..

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