Wolf &Owl was born out of a shared dream to return women to their sacred selves, their sacred wisdom and the sacredness of Mother Earth.  We offer and invite you to reconnnect to the wisdom of plants, to celebrate and honour the divine love that you are through our Bespoke Handcrafted Skin Care Range and Sacred Ritual Circles

Wolf & Owl Plant Wisdom Skin Care loves the

skin you are in, honouring you through the ritual of touch and connection, of nourishing your body, your mind and your senses.

With the intention of creating sacred ritual for yourself, of falling in love and whispering yourself back,Wolf & Owl reminds you of  your dreams and of who you truly are.

Wolf & Owl oils is grounded in the ethics of sourcing sustainably from Mother Nature, of not tampering with her wisdom, creating alchemy so that the blend reflects your personal truth.  Utilising these gifts of nature that have ritually been used for beauty and healing for hundreds of years.

All our base oils are sourced from organic or wild-crafted ingredients that have been blended with such love, time, sunshine, moonlight and a little bit of magic, under the 4 elements including 4 lunar cycles.

The base oil includes: organic virgin olive oil, wild rose and calendula petal extracts (extracted through the olive oil and the alchemy of the sun), sea buckthorn fruit oil, rosehip oil and camellia oil.  These oils were chosen after many years of exploration to give you the most luxurious skin care that is both protective and nourishing on every level. 




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