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your wild heart speaks

Online journey
5 x 90min sessions over 10 weeks
Pre - register for next intake.

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Your Wild Heart Speaks is a  Karanga


A call to women who desire to open into deep connection and presence with your wild heart, to open beyond fear and to begin to walk hand in hand and to co-create WITH life. 

This is a journey for women who long for authentic expression, woman who are feeling called to live from the wild heart center (beyond the fortresses of your fear) and awaken to the mystery and magic of living in flow with life.  

Over the 5 sessions we will explore befriending your your whole self, awakening and giving presence to your wild heart and beginning a journey of opening into connection, most importantly with yourself and with this magical mystery LIFE. 


This is about learning to open ourselves up to what has been sleeping or hiding but essentially running the show of our life, to deepen into self compassion and nourishment with our bodies as a compass of wisdom and truth.


These sessions will all be mostly guided by what is coming through in each individual session (allowing and trusting in the mystery).  There is nothing you need to do other than open and trust, to FEEL and follow your own experience as it is. You will discover what it is you have been needing to open the portal of your own heart.


What I can tell you is that each 90mins session will create a space for you to:

Be deeply supported and welcomed as you are.

Learn practices to anchor into presence and embodied safety. (which you will be encouraged to deepen over the 10 weeks)


Experience how somatic inquiry (inquiry through sensation and feelings) can lead to deep inner listening, creating deeper connection and presence, and how to surrender and open beyond fear.

Opening beyond to what you THINK is possible.

Welcoming home the unwanted and exiled parts of ourselves (in Shamanic traditions this is called soul retrieval).

Learning to be held, to lean into love and support, deepening our connection to compassion and love.


You will be guided in this journey through the lenses of somatic/embodied enquiry and nervous system regulation.

this is my why

I believe we are limitless in our essence.  I believe that what gets in the way of what we want to feel and experience is limited by our conditioning, our patterns and our trauma.

I also have found in my own journey that the support that comes from working in the safe container of a group can create a way to allow ourselves to fall into the radical compassion of our own truth and to our opening hearts.

I also believe in following our longings and desires as a way to awaken into the portal of our hearts.  Longing and desire show us the way in.

My offering to you is to create the space for you to be curious and explore, to be supported, to support, to be witnessed and to witness, so that the essence of this container, the inner realm, spills out into your wild and precious life.

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why you would say YES to this

This is a time in your life you are longing for more authentic and nourishing connection.

Your gut, your intuition or your heart is calling for more.

You are drawn to learning to listen to and move from the wisdom of your body and open your heart.

Your desire for allowing yourself to be fully seen is superseding your fear of being seen.

You intuitively feel there is a universal shift happening in this time and you are drawn to letting go of old ways of being.

You secretly (or openly) sense that life is magical.

This 10 week journey includes:

  • 5 x 90min live online calls (held fortnightly)

  • A small intimate group of max 10 women

  • Practices to explore embodied safety and presence

  • Support to deepen your own embodied inquiry

  • Soul journeying

  • Connection into a collective community of unwavering feminine support and holding

Online portal and daily structure:

We will meet on zoom for a live gathering at 7pm-8.30pm.  Please arrive into the zoom room 5 mins early to begin on time.  We will begin with a short meditation and/or loving grounding touch practice followed by individual sharings and mentored inquiry. 


If you're unsure of what you are getting into but feel some inner pull towards this, just know that you are in the right place!


1. Check your time zone here

2. You have downloaded zoom

3. You have an active Facebook messenger account

Investment and Registration:

  • Full Price - $180 NZD

  • If you are really needing this in your life but you are not able to pay full amount, please reach, we can work it out.

  1. when you register with above link, it will send an email to Jody

  2. You will receive a confirmation email with payment details (bank transfer or WiSE - formally transferwise)

  3. Make payment to confirm your spot.

Green Gradient

One last thing

I do not know everything, I am on this journey too.

I am not a guru and nor is this a masterclass.  But I am willing to share everything I have gathered and I promise to hold you deeply and with unconditional love through this journey - are you ready to walk together?

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