“When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

When I let go of go of what I am, I become what I might be - Lao Tzu


The Zenthai Shiatsu Massage I offer is a weaving together of Thai Yoga massage  (lazy mans yoga), Shiatsu acupressure, intuitive touch and *somatic awareness (our sensing body), creating an experience for your body's physical, emotional and energetic systems to release and clear blockages and chronic tension and return to flow, like a powerful and free river, restoring connection, harmony and peace within.


Receive a 90 min or 60 min session in a beautiful treatment space in Taupo 

All sessions are fully clothed and received on a mattress on the floor.

60 min session $75

60 min session for community by  *Koha  (Fridays only)

90 min session $95

If you would like to book a Zenthai Shiatsu Massage or a Private YOGA Session with me you can connect with and message me from HERE or contact me through the button below.

*Koha - is an exchange based on what you are able to gift.  I would like us all to be able to receive what we need to heal and be whole in these strange times and there have been many times in my life that I have not been able to get what I needed due to my circumstances.  I want to change that narrative - Jody.

* At the beginning of each session there will be an opportunity to drop in and ground into relaxation and meet what might be held in the nervous system that may be contributing to the dis - ease or chronic tension experienced.  This is done through gentle guidance and enquiry and are tools that come from a modality I am training in called Somatic Therapy. This is an optional extra that can lead to accessing and releasing on a deeper level.

Beyond our frazzled nervous systems is the gateway to our wisdom.


Behind the constant white noise of the to do lists, more of everything, procrastination, doubt and self recriminations, frantic exercise, double shot coffees with magic mushrooms, behind the confusion and fear is the stillness.


This is the space where your truth lies. Your truth resides in the peace that is the core of you. It is waiting there for you to meet it. 

One of the ways to bring our peace to our nervous system and tune in to our inner voice is to come into the present moment through nourishing touch and gentle movements where we can unravel trapped energy and begin to hear the language of our bodies.


In 2018 I completed a 4 day intensive Level 1 Zenthai Shiatsu training, a body therapy modality that combines Zen Shiatsu (working with acupressure points along the meridians) Thai Massage (lazy mans yoga) and Osteopathy techniques for muscle and fascia release. 


Since then I have combined this method of body therapy with the direct understanding I have received from working with and learning from the human body and mind (especially mine) through my current studies in somatic therapy, yoga teaching and health mentoring to offer my clients beautiful nourishing treatments that are completely tailored their present needs.


My intention is bringing harmony and peace to your nervous system so you can have access to the wisdom you need that lies within you.  That wisdom is the gateway to self healing.      

For years I have wanted to find something other than yoga and nutrition that allows me to work directly with my clients bodies, to bypass the mind stories and work directly with the body, to bring release from physical and emotional challenges, spaciousness and relief from tension and pain, to feel nurturing, experience deep relaxation, wholeness and a connection to your body, mind and spirit. 


This soft and playful but profound practice feels like a dance and invites a sense of working with the body as it is.  Each movement or gesture first asking the bodies permission to be moved, and then listening for the answer, which creates a gentle letting go of what is ready to be released so natural flow and health can 

establish itself.

"I found Jody’s touch deeply nourishing. There was a perfect balance of strength and softness that helped me relax and receive. I felt her care and total presence with my whole being and left feeling lighter and freer (both physically and emotionally) than I have in a long time. Thank you Jody, for the grace you embody and the many enriching gifts you give." Ahna - Byron Bay

Landscape with Animals

The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers -

Thich Nhat Hanh

Further  Client Testamonial's


My introduction to Jody was from a friend who is a physiotherapist. Who highly recommended Jody’s unique and distinctive practice to benefit my needs.


From the first appointment, it became blatantly apparent that her applied practice had a transformational impact on my wellbeing! Due to my current work stress, I am in an exhaust and anxious state. 


The way I describe her practice is  “Land Base Watsu”, as Watsu has been extremely beneficial for me in the past. However, this is more dynamic, as Jody is in complete sync with her practice, and shows extraordinary skills/abilities. This enables me to surrender and shifts my assemblage point. Meaning that under my work duress, these outcomes collectively, are enabling me to be a lot more grounded emotionally and physically and enabling me to move forward and In a nutshell, it’s priceless…. and I’ll keep going - Andrew.

Jody's generous offering of Zen Thai massage has been deeply appreciated, and having experienced my first treatment, I'm delighted to say, I'm keen for more!
Jody's presence, and commitment to offering a sacred exchange, is evident, and deeply comforting... I felt in safe and loving hands.
I was able to 'let go', and due to the skilled practice, sacred intention and nourishing space, Jody was able to effect my physical body in a way that gently opened the connection to the emotional underlay. Deeply healing!

Thankyou Jody! Much Love and appreciation - Lilianna 2019

Jody is a gifted woman. I saw her twice for one-on-one body work - once for a physical ailment, the second for emotional stress. She works organically to focus on whatever you are dealing with at that moment. I felt safe and nurtured and I walked out of both sessions feeling like a new person! Highly, highly recommend -Chloe 

I have just received my second session with Jody Brown with Zenthai Shiatsu. Being a craniosacral therapist myself I am very fussy with my practisioners..... Jody gave me her full attention! She moved so gracefully with my bodies needs. Her intuition of what I needed was spot on and I am feeling extremely blissed out and my body feels so open. I highly recommend her wonderful service she gives so lovingly. Thank you Jody. - Rachel, Cranio Sacral Therapist.