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song of the heart

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our next
of womanhood

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Song of the heart is a journey for women where we will create a rich, intimate and authentic space to explore your relationship (with yourself and with the other women) through the initiation of menopause.

The intention is to come back to our original heart song, our ability to walk through life with clarity and joy from our inner life force and passion for the next phase of our journey as women.


How can we love and nurture ourselves more? 

How can have deeper connection and trust in our inner wisdom and heart compass?

What and where are we wanting to meet within ourselves and where are we wanting to direct our most precious resource (our energy) into?

How can we reclaim our sovereignty and our inner power so that we can finally show up in our authenticity with joy?

Peri-menopause and menopause is another pregnancy and birth into an often chaotic, confusing and emotionally challenging time of our life as women.  A time in our lives that can pull up feelings of shame and hiding in our disappointments, in our losses and our feelings of being out of control with our bodies, our energy and our souls.

Interestingly in the book by Christiane Northrop “The Wisdom of Menopause” she likens the symptoms of peri-menopause to labour - with the birth this time being giving birth to yourself.


And so this can be a time of reclaiming what is deeply true for us, of finding our authentic voice, our inner strength, renewed creativity, power and energy and even a sexual energy or inner life force that has previously not been accessible to us.

About the journey

The journey will unfold over 6 months. It will be a small intimate container of women who will meet once a month for 2 hours and explore, through embodied enquiry, sharing and holding space, movement, learning practices and processes to deepen our connection to our inner authenticity, our courage and trusting in our bodies and the inner wisdom that she speaks to us.

Who is this for

This is for women who are in peri-menopause or menopause who are desiring a deeper soulful connection with themselves, with LIFE, to rekindle their inner wild fire and animal intuition and desire to be supported along the way with other authentic women.

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