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Somatic Yoga Flow

the embodiment of you

My personal journey in yoga has taken me into practices of Iyengar, Hatha & Ashtanga yoga, to teaching both Hatha and Ashtanga, and eventually into chronic exhaustion.  At a point in my life, I needed to let go of some of the structures of yoga I believed would get me somewhere and weave in something intuitive; reflective of meeting my own internal state, of using movement and form as a way of meeting my inner feelings and sensations deepening my self awareness, my ability to be in presence with life, and a way of honoring my own body as it is in each moment.

This has become a devotional self practice to life, my life.

My intention is to  teach with the intention to bring presence and connection to being in your body and connection to your inner wisdom.  I am a Somatic Therapy Mentor and teach in a trauma aware manor with an emphasis on nervous system regulation. 


For more info please reach out.

current community yoga, movement & breath offerings

Jody Brown dancing

 Christmas/New Year times/dates

Thursday 22nd Dec 5.15pm class

Saturday 24th One class only at 9.30am

Thursday 29th Dec 5.15pm class

Saturday 31st Dec One class only at 9.30am

Back to two classes on Saturday the following week and then I am away from the 15th to 21st Jan.

Bring your friends and keep up the connection to your body and mind over this time.

community yoga

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Saturday Mornings

8am - 9.15am

9.30 - 10.45am

Buddhist Center

(upstairs in the Kiwibank building)


 Thursday Evening

5.15pm - 6.30pm


class pricing

casual drop in $15

5 concession pass $60

5 concession pass seniors $50

Contact Jody 027 374 2968


devotional self practice 1:1 sessions

Devotional Self Practice is an opportunity for you and I to co-create a practice of yoga, breath & movement  and intention to deepen your connection to your life, to your body and what is needed at this time in your healing journey.

Ritual is not something that was taught to me, it is however something that creates a discipline, an anchoring, and a willingness to connect with my deepest self; to listen, to have compassion and to open to the wisdom of life.

These sessions are tailored to the needs of your body, mind, spirit and your personal intention.


There is no blueprint until we meet.  I offer a free 20-30 minute call to begin to understand what it is you require and then the rest will unfold, either in person or online.

To deepen the experience you can begin these sessions with a zenthai shiatsu massage so we can determine where your body is needing to focus.

Devotional Self Practice Pricing

Devotional Practice 75 mins $110 *

Devotional Practice & Zenthai Release Massage 2.5 hrs $250


*If you need this in your life but money is tight lets talk first.  There are ways we can exchange. 

**Session can be done on same day or different days.