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Misty river and bush

you have all the answers within, you may just need presence and support to guide you back to them.

Jody Brown

Hello dear friend, I’m Jody...

This life journey has taken me on a path of discovering and sharing in the fields of Yoga, Breath & Movement, Integrative Health and Nutrition, Body and Therapeutic Touch, and Somatic Therapy.






Laughter, tears, rage, desire and all the things in between

Guardianship of Mother Gaia and all that live on her.

Inclusivity & diversity

Your wild precious heart


It is my honour to be here with you, a willing ally, to guide you back to your inner wisdom and truth so that you can open to living more and more from that place.

I intuitively believe that life is magic, creative, wildly unlimited and that human beings are the same. 

We are life co creating life.

That belief comes from somewhere deep, I feel it in a quiet whisper, it feels real and true but it doesn’t come from logic.​

Up until a few years ago I was disconnected from my body 90% of the time.  I had experiences of being in my body when I was doing yoga (I even smirk at the word doing as I write this), in fact yoga asana was my first experience of being able to viscerally come into my flesh and bones.


Then I began to experience more moments of being able to stay longer, to open to authentic meaningful connection through: women’s circles, spending A LOT of time in nature, dancing and deep sharing and deep witnessing of others sharing.  But on some level, I did not trust those big emotions, there was shame attached to them and I would still find ways to leave or make them wrong..

Through Somatic Therapy and embodied inquiry I learnt how to slow everything right down and bring presence to the sensations, thoughts and feelings that were running in my body, to regulate my own nervous system;


to befriend the exiled parts of me, and welcome them to a safe and loving home;


to dream and create from a place that feels solid, to experience more trust, more joy, more co-creation with life and more connection to the soul or wise inner guidance that we all have and walk forward from that wisdom.

You have all the answers within, you may just need presence and support to guide you back to them.

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my approach

These are the tools that helped me the most which I will be using to support you.



 To be exactly where you are right now and trust that.  Deepen your felt sense of safety and goodness.


The safety that comes from the presence of another to hold and guide the space for you to explore your body somatically         

(as in the sensations, feelings and thoughts that you notice within) and grow your capacity to stay with and trust the wisdom of these sensations.


To stay curious and connected, to open to new pathways guided by something within you that feels soulful and wise.

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what others have said

"Every session with Jody brings a new and exciting area of growth and learning for me. I jumped in with little understanding of the therapy style, I frequently surprised myself with what I can feel when I actually take the time to focus.


What impressed me frequently, was how Jody continually linked back topics from previous sessions. This personalization and attentiveness towards my issues (not sure if issues is the right word!!), made me feel warm and valued.


There are so many aspects of my life that have developed and shifted in a positive way since connecting with Jody @ Be In Flow. She has helped me to draw out my power, I have confidence to speak my truth and also take time to stop and breath. I have developed new skills to spend time sitting with my feelings. All of these positives make me a better mama, friend, colleague and also lover of myself.


Thank you so much Jody, I am so grateful for our sessions together, they really have been life changing for me."

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