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My intention for our journey together is to hold a deeply safe and compassionate space for you to gently, curiously, tenderly explore/meet/resolve the things that get in the way AWAKENING to the truth and wisdom that wants to guide you

so you can come to trust

your self, your authentic expression

your intuition, the wisdom within

your yes's and your no's

your voice

your body as your compass and companion on your own unfolding journey

Beyond our frazzled nervous systems is the gateway to our wisdom.


Behind the constant white noise of the to do lists, the distractions, more of everything, procrastination, doubt and self recriminations, frantic exercise, double shot coffees with magic mushrooms, behind the confusion, the numbness and/or the fear, is the stillness.


In this stillness is the space where your soul truth rests.


Your truth resides in the peace that is the core of you. It is waiting there for you to meet it. 

Somatic Awakening and embodied inquiry are tools that help us regulate (create flow) within the nervous system. When we are working with the body, the felt sense, the stories that live in the depths of our visera, we get to meet and make space for all the parts of ourselves (soul retrieval ) through the language  of the body;

The thoughts, sensations, dreams, feelings and exiled parts that teach us to enter inwards and listen deeply.

The tools of Somatic Awakening, embodied inquiry and Nervous System awareness give us the opportunity to befriend our bodies and make peace with our inner world helping awaken us to the fullness and the magic of this one precious life.


This is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Jody Brown looking in mirror

Through this we learn to gently open to and TRUST all parts of ourselves; to build capacity, resiliency and the possiblity that life is waiting for us to co-create WITH it, to be with all of you, and to trust your dreams and desires to become.

What you seek is also seeking you!!

Be In Flow Logo Image

my training

I studied and trained with Amanda Patterson in Somatic Therapy of Wisdom Body Academy between 2020 and 2022.  I unfortunately did not get to complete my certificate due to being unable to attend an in person training due to covid.  I however am still constantly training, learning and upskilling myself in this beautiful soul centered therapy.

I also studied at IIN as an integrative nutrition and wellbeing coach, am a student of the Diamond Approach method, a yoga and movement teacher for over a decade and continue to find ways to develop understanding of the neuro biology and embodiment practices to bring presence, understanding and compassion to all my work.

I currently teach trauma informed yoga privately, within my community and in courses. I also work with integrative touch as a way of helping resolve pain and tension.

what a somatic therapy/embodied inquiry session looks like

A session will be either online or face to face....... we will always begin with connecting or becoming aware to presence, through taking time to notice where you are, what your environment is like and what your are noticing within your body.

Listening to the language of the body is like learning a new language and it takes time, we will be taking things slowly so you really get to notice the little or big things inside of you.

A big part of our ongoing work together is building your ability to feel safe, that is also why we work slowly.

Somatic Therapy is not a quick fix, it is a journey to connection to your self and in a world that focuses on hyperstimulation and externally focusing it can take some time to learn to turn and listen within.

Within the slowing down and noticing you will have the opportunity to understand how your nervous system responds to your life, what your needs and your longings are so that you are building capacity to have more balance, compassion, space, self love in your life.

Each session for each person is different - what it offers is the gift of really knowing and honoring all parts of you so that life itself becomes a relationship you want to have.


Before we begin your journey, I offer a complimentary connection call to ensure you understand the process and that we are a good fit to get the most out of your healing journey. Use the buttons below to book your call.


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6 x 60 - 75 min online sessions

email support between sessions

resources (self enquiry work) as needed.

$690.00 *


Be in Flow logo image.png

10 x 60 min online sessions

email support between sessions

mini support sessions as needed.

resources (self enquiry work)

as needed.


*If this payment plan does not work for you we can work out a way that meets all your needs.

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"Working with Jody has been profound experience. I had been doing talk therapy for a year but felt like it wasn’t helping me work with the feelings my emotions were bringing up in my body. With Jody’s help I now have some tips to work with overwhelming emotions and physical sensations. Her compassion and empathy shines through and she makes you feel safe and gently guides you with your permission to look at difficult aspects of your life. She sees the essence of you so quickly. I would highly recommend working with Jody."

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