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one day of pleasure - retreat
April 21-22, 2024


retreat into the magic of the kauaeranga valley

The essence of pleasure is slowing down and connecting to our senses. 

It is about finding out what makes us feel good.

It is about filling our own cup and experiencing the joy of connection, with each other but also to the goodness and presence of life.

Conscious pleasure is the anti-dote to stress, fast paced unconscious living and numbing out.

For many of us women, pleasure has been reduced to the bedroom (when I googled images for pleasure 99% of them where erotic), or we have some unconscious belief around not deserving pleasure or not even knowing how to experience pleasure.

So my beautiful wahine ma, I am dedicating this day (and possibly evening) to you and us exploring pleasure, through movement, through play, through feasting, through exploration, through a whole lot of things I want to surprise you with but most of all through connection, self connection, connection to each other and connection to our environment.

Right from the moment you arrive.

I am not going to give you all the details because I want you to experience the unfolding in the direct moment, without you having prepared yourself for it first.

Some other details you may need to know are below.

what I can tell you

One day of pleasure retreat is to be held at the Kauaeranga Education Centre deep in the Kauaeranga Valley.

The official One Day Of Pleasure - Retreat will run from 9am Sunday 21st until 5.30/6pm with the option of staying over night in one of the bunk rooms for a extra early morning meditation and movement session on Monday 22nd for those that can.

Late breakfast followed by a slow delicious vegetarian lunch experience and treats will be catered for by the extremely divine Trish Knight.

The day will be filled with connection to all our senses through movement, nature and the elements, sacred pauses, exploration, openings and so much joy.

The cost exchange $150 (including light brunch and lunch)

This particular retreat is limited to 10 women so there is a sense of connection, safety and spaciousness.

Is it time for you to claim a day of pleasure?

For any further information/questions or to register your place 

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