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The Somatic Awakening Journey

A practical and personal in person course (based in Thames Coromandel) to support your awakening to self-connection, to presence and your innate aliveness through deep listening of your somatic experience and embodied inquiry.

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You/we are so much more than you THINK you are.

This is a discovery journey

This is your opportunity to deepen connection to yourself, not the self that you think you know, but a deeper wisdom that lives within you that is beyond the rational idea of who you are.

Opening the doorway to the mystery.

Using the tools of Somatic Therapy, (a look at how our autonomic nervous system can interrupt our desire for a more authentic life) and Embodied Inquiry (noticing what arises as we connect to the body and following the trail) this will be a small intimate group to go on an inner exploration


What I have found for myself with this work is that it has helped grow my ability to be present, to deepen the inner-standing of how I came to be me, to develop a deeper compassion and love for myself, and how this radiates out into LIFE, and I want to share this with you.

I use LIFE with capitals because a few years ago I had this understanding that I wanted to walk hand in hand with life, not behind it, not in front of it, but in partnership, in a co-creation WITH life.

Living In Full Expression.

This has been a great gift to me and it continues to take me deeper.

This is about moving beyond the rational mind and opening the doorways to something more instinctive, animalistic and authentic.

And I believe that this is what we need in these times of LIFE, to make sure we don't get sucked down into living unconscious unfulfilling lives.


what we will explore


establishing presence and safety



connecting to your body

finding your ground


Exploring the longing of our souls


Meeting our inner judge



opening through curiosity


The pathway of the Somatic Awakening

The 5 sessions will be over 5 Saturdays spaced out fortnightly so you can have some Saturdays free!

The sessions will run from 1pm-3pm at The Sacred Well in Thames

Included in the journey will be a 40-50 min 1:1 online inquiry session to support your process.

The course will be a very intimate group of six beautiful souls as the space is small and I am wanting to create a intimate and safe exploration.  

Dates: to be announced

Cost of program


(including 1:1 inquiry session with me)

All you need to do is register your interest by hitting the button below and I will connect with you.

Is this course for you

This course is open to anybody who feels drawn - I truly think following our inner knowing is a powerful way to live our lives and this course would also really suit you if you are someone who wants to learn how to connect with more of who you are, has a deep interest in embodiment and presence and who is interested in Somatic work or self inquiry or opening to a more authentic way of living.

Who am I

Hi my name is Jody Brown I work as a trauma aware yoga teacher, both in groups and in private sessions, I also work as a Somatic Therapy Practitioner supporting my clients through embodied inquiry to awaken to their inner truth and authentic expression in life. 

I have this deep feeling that life is magical and that we can begin to tap into that magic by unpeeling the patterns and structures of trauma, stress and conditioning.

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