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slowing down to enter in


Slowing Down to Enter In is a series of 3 ONLINE invitations to receive 3 practices of slowing down and entering into our sacred bodies and to meet ourselves in divine presence, embodied wisdom and connection.

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Even though slowing down is important just on its own, as a means of taking a sacred pause, of taking in…

Of rest.

It is also the gateway to embodiment and meeting ourselves where we are.

In truth.

Meeting ourselves in, sometimes in-tense sensations.

Meeting ourselves in our wisdom.

Meeting ourselves in our pleasure.

Meeting ourselves in our darkness.

To finally stop running; to land in being, in reclaiming, in speaking our truth, to even discovering what is our truth.

It is by no means that we need to stay slow though, it is a balance point to this ferocious life the yin to the yang…

and the slowness builds us. 

It builds the presence to stay with ourselves, to find compassionate love in the storm of undoing.

It builds our capacity to be with the peaks and troughs, it builds a container to hold our surging, chaotic wild energy, from the unhinged to the ecstatic and the o so delicate subtle and sweet.

Slowing down helps to build our inner relationship to a structure, a stability that has nothing to do with safety. 


Slowing down helps us to feel the stability of our bones, of our skin and flesh, of presence that acts as a channel for the force of life we hold within.

Slowing Down to Enter in is a series of 3 online meeting places to explore the embodied or somatic practice of slowing down.

My Intention for this meeting place is for you to explore:

  • Practices of ways to experience slowing down and coming into your body

  • Relaxing into the moment

  • Resourcing Nervous System Regulation & embodied safety

  • The practice of embodied inquiry

  • Deeper self-connection, self-awareness and presence

The Specifics of Slowing Down to Enter In:

3 x 75min inquiries through the portal of zoom. You can do 1, or do all 3.

  • Monday 12th August 5.30pm – 6.30pm Slowing down to meet our skin and our boundaries

  • Tuesday 26th August 5.30pm-7pm Slowing down to meet our Bones and our ground

  • Tuesday 23rd September 5.30pm – 7pm Slowing Down to meet our breath expansion and emptying out

Sliding Scale $15-$30

All 3 Sessions package price $70

For Registration & Payment please

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