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returning to your essential self through the wisdom of your body

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Welcome dear soul,


My greatest desire is to support and guide you to have more contact and deep connection with your body, to relax and trust your inner intelligence and wisdom, so that you can open to greater possibilities, to experience the magic that is life, and the magic that you innately, naturally already are. 


You have everything you need inside you,  I'm here to help you come back to that place.

Love Jody xx


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somatic therapy/embodied inquiry

A space to drop below the surface of the rational, sense making mind and an experience more embodied sense of presence and connection working with the regulation of the nervous system and the wisdom withing.  Support to let go of thinking your way out of stuckness, fear, feelings of unworthiness and connect into the magnificent intelligence of your body, connecting with your inner wisdom and guidance and coming home to your wise & soulful self.

Jody Borwn
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integrative touch therapy

A weaving together of Thai Yoga massage  (lazy mans yoga, Accupressure, intuitive touch and somatic awareness (sensing through your body), creating an experience for your body's physical, emotional and energetic systems to release and clear blockages and chronic tension and return to flow, like a powerful and free river, restoring connection, harmony and peace within.

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somatic flow yoga
& movement

Yoga & movement that weaves in something more intuitive, reflective of meeting your own internal state of being, using movement and form as a way of bringing your inner feelings and sensations from the inner to the outer, and a way to honor your own body as it is in each moment.

Jody Brown

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I invite to join me in a journey of deepening your awareness to your INNER WISDOM, your bodies INNATE INTELLIGENCE to thrive & regulate and feel CONNECTION in your daily life.


You're invited to share this journey with me, including upcoming events, new offerings, inspiration and general updates.  I promise not to get in your face or take up to much space in your inbox

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