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Summer loving on a plate

Potatoes for many years where off my shopping list. I had labelled them bad (I must have been fucking crazy) because why, honestly I can't remember specifically and its not really important to bring this up, the humble potato has been a friend to many during poverty and depressions and these stories should be put to bed, and, this was back when I believed other peoples guru advice on what was "good" or "bad" rather than listening to my own guru within.

So not so long ago when a pot luck guest brought over a humble potato salad the Celtic part of my ancestry went to town on those potatoes like I was starrrrvvvving. The next day I was dreaming of cold potato salad with fresh beans and mustard dressing. I didn't get the beans but I did have broccoli which worked a treat.

This is not the actual potato salad recipe because you can make that up yourself, but the absolute gold was in the dressing I made. I think I started making it a month ago and there may have been 2 days when I have not had it. Be warned you may cry when you run out of avo's.

I never measure my ingredients - please use your intuition

In a food processor, blender or by hand mix the following until creamy and then say thank you.

1 ripe avo

1/2 a sweet orange squeezed

3 cloves of garlic (I like ALOT)

1 tsp cummin powder

1/3 bunch of coriander

a handful of parsley

dash apple cider vinegar

dash coconut aminos (if you dont have it dont worry)

1 heaped tsp seeded mustard

Blend away, you can add more juice, water or oil to make less thick if you prefer.

Where you can please work WITH our environment to source your ingredients, spray free, organic, local and from your back yard if you can.


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