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Olive Oil, the Oil of Longevity.

First of all I want you to know that I gave Olive oil that name because it was what came to me as I began writing this to you. I almost gave it the name “oil of endurance” because endurance came up for me a few times at the end of last year and I feel it could be true to say that the olive tree has endured. I have now just googled “oil of longevity” and what do you know Olive oil comes up. Just goes to show how clever our intuition is.

Olive oil was one of the first two oils I started creating face care products with about 10 years ago, the other one being Castor oil. I am sooo happy to tell you that I will bringing these two friends together in a brand new incredible product that is nothing short of divine food for your face.

But let’s lift up Olive oil and celebrate her for just a moment. The olive tree is miraculous and incredible. Talk about longevity (hence the reason I felt inspired to give it this title) there is one olive tree in Vouves, Crete, that is between 2,000 to 4,500 YEARS old. That is a massive gap, but even to imagine what 2,000 years may have looked like to an olive tree is mind bending. Even more incredible is that she still bears fruit! When I think about the energetics of tha,t in regards to skin care, I see that we are adding very ancient powerful medicine to our skin. It feels like an elder the gifts of wisdom and truth. The olive tree has deep connection to celebration (think Olympic wreaths), forgiveness and peace (olive branch) and also spiritual connection as it is mentioned in the bible no less than 400 times (so I read on google).

Olive oil has been used as ally for skin and healing by some powerful characters in history including the priestess herself Cleopatra and also another beautiful woman with vavoom, Sophia Loren.

It has also for many years been the oil of choice to extract plant medicines for topical and possibly internal use, think calendula and comfrey creams and balms, not to mention she is the centre of many great feasts and addition to luscious tomatoes and salads.

When we are using olive oil on our skin we are definitely after fresh cold pressed organic virgin olive oil. We want clean and herbaceous not old and rancid and old. Her golden oil is perfect for slow infusion of medicinal plant and herb extracts to bring even deep nourishment to the skin.

Olive oil is high in anti-oxidants supporting our skins ability to renew cells and is incredibly hydrating. Hydroxytyrosol, a rather rare compound found in Olive oil combats free radical damage and prevents photo aging caused by prolonged sun exposure. She is also incredibly hydrating by helping to seal in moisture beneath our skin (think plump and juicy). On her own I love her more for the skin of my body and even use her on some very sensitive parts when I have needed, but for the face I like to combine her with a mixture of other oils that bring a balance (she can be a bit tooo heavy) of velvety nourishment with a lightness that penetrates deeply into our skin taking all of the plant medicine extracts with it.

Wolf & Owl is so far my longevity and my endurance dream. Olive oil was where she started. Today you can find her in two of my products (and another on the way) Sacred Dream face oil and Beautiful Face cleansing oil.

Thank you Olive trees and olive oil for your precious gifts.


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