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Vege Loaf/Bread

Its a bread but not really a bread. Its a bit like a savoury cake, but it goes well with bread stuff like hummus, pestos, soup and I guess you could make a sandwich out of it. It even toasts really well. What I love about this bread though is its full of vegetables, healthy fats, its full of protein and, its EASY to make. No fancy gadgets. But be warned it is VERY TASTY so it wont last long. If you happen to not eat it for a few days it will however last in the fridge for a week.

FULL DISCLOSURE that beautiful picture of bread is not mine. I couldn't find one in time and other peoples always seem to look more pretty. I will update with mine very soon but you can't have a recipe without a photo can you...... this photo was taken by

Marta Dzedyshko (thank you Marta)


A grater

A bread loaf tin

Your hands


· 1 cup almond meal

· ½ cup mixed seeds (I use pumpkin and Sunflower)

· ½ cup coconut flour

. 1/4 cup ground flax seeds

· 2 Tbsp phsyllium husks

· 1 large grated zucchini

· 1 large grated carrot

· 1 cup grated pumpkin/sweet potato

· 4 eggs

· ¼ cup coconut oil

· 1 Tbsp sweet paprika

· 2 tsp cumin

· 2 tsp baking powder

· 2 tsp Himalayan salt


1. Heat oven to 170 C (160 fan forced).

2. Combine the dry ingredients (almond meal, spices, salt, flour and psyllium, and seeds and baking powder) in a bowl.

3. Grate veggies and stir through oil and eggs in a separate bowl, then add dry mix to veggie mix and stir to combine. (The mixture can be quite if it feels to dry you can add more coconut oil to bring together.

4. Pour into a loaf pan and press down lightly, then sprinkle with mixed seeds.

5. Bake uncovered 60-70 mins until a skewer comes out clean. The cooking time will vary depending on a few factors, so make sure to keep an eye on it after about the 60 minute mark.

6. Allow to cool 30 mins or so in pan then move to cooling rack

Please enjoy with your favourite people.

P.S I do not mind if you share this recipe with friends, sharing is passing on the healthy love.


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