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Disrupting the system of fear.

You cannot create a new life, a new story, a new world when your existing reality is operating from an underlying basis of fear.

And really that's we're most of us have been operating from (this is not coming from judgement but from compassion, this has been my experience too). You might not recognize it because you have adapted to it and built your systems and life around it.

Fear shows up in our avoidance, it shows up in our reactivity and it shows up in our numbness and our compliance.

Our biological animal bodies way of dealing with fear is to flee (avoidance), fight (reactivity) or to freeze (numb or zone out) or to fawn (to acquiesce or comply).

The fight flight freeze fawn are intelligent systems of survival, and we need them, but if the patterns of these run your life they became systemic meaning fear is running a big part of your life show, and there is little room for love, which is creative, disruptive (to fear)) it is open, it is free and it goes beyond time and space.

But, the great thing is fear is an energy that can be released, digested and integrated into awareness when we gently meet it, and it also points us to what is stuck.

Fear shows up in our resistance or anxiety with a tightening or a racing heart or a need to create really firm loud boundaries and it also often goes side by side with a whole lot of mental dialogue telling us exactly why we should be scared, angry or shut down.

When we can direct our attention to what might feel grounded or safer and come into the body, we get to slow down the mental dialogue and be curious. This sounds very simple and it is and it isn't, it's a process, but what I can tell you is when we begin to work WITH our fear we gain access to love, creativity and freedom.

This is what will disrupt the systems that have been holding us captive. We change the internal and it changes the external. It rarely ever works long term the other way.

Fear has been a big player in my life and I am disrupting it to return to love.

The biggest disrupter of fear is awareness and curiosity….. oh and a shit load of patience and compassion.

I am here for that, this is my work, personally and professionally.

If you are feeling stirred and ready to disrupt your internal and external systems with love please reach out or check out my offerings here there are many ways in which we can work together one on one or within a community of likeminded souls.


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