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An important key to healing

One of the most important keys to healing is FEELING yourself

i n t h e p r e s e n t m o m e n t.

Feeling the support underneath you,

feeling your breath.

Being able to connect with your outer environment

as well as sensing your inner environment.

In body based therapy this is called "orienting".

It is a bit like learning to multi task.

It does require you to pause and let go of externally doing for a moment or two.

It's a very simple practice and over time can give you the skill to integrate old traumas or stored survival stress, and return to feeling sensation WITH safety

because YOU get to choose how much feeling is enough and how much is too much.

Alot of our unintegrated pain happened because it was one or all 3 below.

Too much

too soon and too fast.

In presence to ourselves, our support, our environment, our breath AND our inner experience, we get to slow it down, we get to experience as much or as little as we like.

In the safety and the sensing YOU get to do the repair.

This has been the most basic and daily practice on my own journey.

In pausing In down regulating In activation In self touch In self inquiry.

I offer these tools in my yoga classes, in my massage sessions and in my Somatic Therapy sessions.

It's simple and it works and like

anything it's a practice.

It works really well if you attend to it with curiosity.

Note: this doesn't work well if you are in the middle of a BIG response. In that situation finding things that feel good and feel safe or getting yourself away from that situation is much more important, then, later when you feel a little more settled, this is the practice to come back too.


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