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Embodied Inquiry

Embodied inquiry is what is giving me the most connection to my wholeness currently and it has become something I really want to bring into community space. (more on that below)

Embodied inquiry is a way of entering the wisdom or the language of our body.

We use the felt experience of sensation in our body as a way of entering into the inquiry through curiosity.

When we make space for “What is that tightening, or tensing in my heart", and we make space for the feelings and sensations by acknowledging what is here, we are learning to be our own witness and we are learning to "be with".

To stay in our experience

To stay with the sensation of our wound, our shame, our fear of being seen as less than, and also to stay in love, in compassion and empathy.

We can create space and presence for our exiled selves, our repressed experiences to be seen, heard and felt.

Something that has been coming in for me over the last few days is "the truth will set you free".

For me this means when we come into a space to practice embodied inquiry we have an opportunity to explore our own truth, we begin to see in to me (intimacy), to become clear about what our needs really are at the bottom of the experience, and the self-responsibility for our own journey in awakening, opening our hearts, not only to the external, but so deeply and compassionately to ourselves.

I have experienced (both as a facilitator and a participant) embodied inquiry one on one and in a group.

I love working one on one with people, building intimacy, safety through gentle holding, but I am so drawn to doing this work in community.

We cannot open our hearts in isolation.

Most of our core wounding comes from (early) relationships (that keep playing out like groundhog day).

Most of who we think we are, came from our early experiences of being told who we are.

We found out who we were, our values, the worlds values, our goodness and our badness through other people's reflections (and projections) of us.

So too do we do our most powerful healing in relationship (and this can be very gentle), finally allowing ourselves to be seen and heard.

Trusting our voice, our truth, our vulnerability and our authentic selves can be safe happens by testing that theory in relationship and in our community.

It's a radical shift and it's beautiful.

And whilst it is great to do this work one on one, I believe this is a powerful time to create community, to bring the essence of community, to communicate and commune, to listen and be listened to, to witness and be witnessed.

I am here for that.

Your Wild Heart Speaks is a very small beginning of creating safe community, safe holding as we walk ourselves back home.

So not only is this a place for you to be held and nourished in your own exploration, the container of "Your Wild Heart Speaks" is a safe place for you to explore speaking your truth.

There is space for another 2 women who are wanting to explore opening to truth and opening there hearts.

Maybe this is what you have been calling in.

Final call this week....


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