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Zenthai and the Gift of Touch

After many years of playing with people's bodies I have finally succumbed to offering the gift of touch. While Zenthai Shiatsu can be seen as active form of massage due to moving the clients limbs and whole body to create space and flow, it is also gently passive, as you (the reciever) are encouraged to let go of your bodies holding patterns. I often refer to the feeling as it is like being danced. This body work offering is also practiced on the floor (with support underneath) and fully clothed, which I happen to love. (Click here to watch a snippet of a session by Gywn Williams)

On a physical level it helps to stimulate flow within the body including the flow of blood, lymph and life-force or energy, it can help to release tension and holding patterns within the fascia and muscular system whilst receiving deep nurturing touch to encourage the nervous system and body to find it's center or still point. From this state the body can begin to do what is does best and heal ITSELF. It has deep physical and spiritual roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as the creator, Gywn Williams, works from this Tradition of healing plus Gywn had a long background in Shiatsu (as well as many other adventures and discoveries which he has woven in).

But like any modality, once learned it then becomes adapted morphed into our own bespoke offering. As I spend more time on this planet within my own Self Care practices and spiritual work I look more and more to nature to teach me how to take care of my own WHOLE being the the well being of my clients.

In each session we begin with an intention and connection to Spirit, we connect to EARTH through the body (in yoga teachings and the Chakra System the physical body relates to the earth), and also because you are lying directly on the floor (with small mattress for your comfort, this is no bootcamp session), here we begin to ground, relax, feel held and supported. We can awaken the FIRE element to stimulate heat and digestion where it is needed. We engage flow through the WATER element by opening the channels (like rivers) of the body for Prana of Life-Force energy (AIR) to circulate through. Then the body has an opportunity to return to a more harmonious and balanced place. Our natural state of health.

On an emotional level, as partners in each session, we are working HEART to HEART, though my body I am connected to your body, when I notice you are holding on I soften, as you feel this, your body can also soften, this requires absolute presence, trust and deep listening from me which is a practice that I am constantly bringing myself back to as "the most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love. they will bloom like flowers", Thich Nhat Hanh.

I have been working with people's body's, hearts and minds for 15 years through many modalities including yoga, personal training, health mentoring and touch or bodywork.

This is where I feel all at once, connected to my center, connected to my heart, connected to humanity and connected to spirit.

Please feel free to reach out to me and book a session or to see if this body work would benefit you.

Love Jody xx


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