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Why I love Somatic Therapy as a way of coming to resolution and inner guidance

I truly believe we have all the answers we want within us.

Sometimes we have forgotten how to access these, to ask the right questions, to stay curious in the sensations that feel like a block. Or maybe we don't trust them when they are revealed to us, we hear things like, "it's not possible", "I can't have that", "i don't know how".

These statements all come from the rational mind, the part of the mind that looks for solutions but might be fed by familiar beliefs or value systems from the past, and a part of us that needs to stay safe, the part that prefers to stay in the comfort of what's familiar and known.

In a somatic therapy session, we direct our attention to what's in the way of what you desire, through becoming curious to sensations, thoughts, images, old memories and emotions whilst also using these tools to stay in the present moment.

When we stay in the present we get to zoom out and experience the sensations or the feelings in a way we don’t drown in it. From this place we also get to meet needs that may not have been met at an earlier time, we get to experience our grief and be held in that, we get to have our anger experience telling someone “NO, creating a boundary” and have it validated, we get to experience what it would be like to escape a situation we don’t or didn’t want to be in, resolving old patterns so we can gently shift towards how we want to be.

And in my own experience when we begin to consciously FEEL that it places us in deeper contact to something that is wise, that has our backs, that reassures us that we are innately good and valuable.

As we get to practice this over time, we begin to rely on this inner wisdom, we get to see that when we have a response, that we feel shut down, that we want to leave or we feel angry or irritated, there is always a reason. The body is guiding us in.

When we give presence to those things that get in the way, a space often arises where we experience a safety or a knowing of what is possible and maybe even how we get there.

Like any great tools this is a practice, for me it’s always beautiful practice of being able to go within, to see and be with what needs attention, to be curious and open out from the inside, and to experience something that feels like its guiding me towards what I so deeply desire or want to experience.

If you would like to experience this I help women to learn to come into there bodies so that they can get closer to their own wisdom, their own inner guidance so that they can bring their gifts and magic into a world that needs them.

My offerings are not suitable for people who have really BIG trauma they need to work with. It is ideal for women who sense there is more for them, (your inner wisdom), women that are curious and feel that life can be big and beautiful, women who experience something that feels like “there is more of me that I want to bring into the world” and they want to open to the possibilities of what can open for them if they could move through the stickiness that gets in the way of living that.

Because I don’t feel we really get to the places we need to go in one off sessions, I offer my sessions as 1:1 online sessions in packages of either 4 sessions or 10 sessions.

If you’re interested (you’re feeling the feels), slide over into "contact me" or my Somatic Therapy page and send me a love note.

Love Jody


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