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Don't want to live in your head anymore????

Have you ever had the experience during meditation of being witness to the constant voices in your head? It can feel like a madness. A wild never ending party of stories racing around trying to get your attention. Never ending to do lists, judgement, fantasies (to be honest these are my fav, creative ideas…….

If you've ever actually had someone talk at you like that, people who don't include you in the conversation, that rant non-stop and you feel there is actually no substance to what they are saying, it's fucking exhausting.

And in my experience they often are talking to you that way because underneath they are in fear. They fear the silence and the unknown.

This is where we live from most of the time, identified with experiencing our life through action and reaction based on the voices in our head.

When you experience a break in that, where you can zoom backwards and get to observe it, even only briefly, it can feel like your awareness broadens into a spacious that allows you to take in, (through the senses of your body), sounds, sensations, and often moments of deep peace and rest.

This rest and spacious opens a gateway to living in the place where we have more choice in our experience of life, this is the place from which we can begin to slow down, experience meaningful connections with life, with our loved ones, this is the place we can begin to expand and break patterns that create suffering and have access to deep contented pleasure.

This journey began for me many years ago through my yoga practice, by gently taking my awareness to the sensations of my body. Through slowly bringing my attention to my body, slowly I started to really experience the present moment, we have access to more pleasure, more peace and to befriend and heal my pain and my grief, and the continual judgement of myself.

Without those experiences running the show we then have the energy, the clarity and insight to create and live from our open hearts. Yoga, movement of breath teaches us how to shift our awareness to presence, deepening our capacity to really be with ourselves in love, to be a human being of compassion, and taking us out of empty fantasy and suffering into embodied creation through anchored awareness.

I love teaching this shit, it lights me up and keeps me accountable to awakening and deepening into the portal of our hearts.

If you would love to join me at a yoga class please go to this link.


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