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Your Wild Heart Speaks

There is something I want to share with you. Pull up a comfy seat and take a breath.

I believe that LIFE is here for us, and if this is the case what is calling you to live your wild and precious life……… (inspired by Mary Oliver)..

I have known for a while now that I wanted to live closer to the essence of l i f e, this BIG creative magical mystery that is filled with possibility and play. It’s a feeling where I want to keep opening into my wild and precious heart….. to create from this place, to love from this place and a deep calling to trust the wisdom that comes from within this body that creates the pathway forward (and in). The more we orientate from the inner to the outer (or reverse) the more we can come into presence and what is being called to live, the thinner that veil of separation or illusion is.

I trust that is our potential, if fact I believe (from that inner wisdom) that when we are attentive to our wild hearts and we move from a balance of action and surrender, we are limitless, and what gets in the way is fear of trusting in our own wisdom, our own inner voice.

This is learning to quieten, to get softer, to come down into your body and begin the inquiry. These things are born in in subtleties and are whispered in the language of your body through sensations, images, feelings and sounds.

This is how I became in service to my wild heart.

This awakening to my heart began when I was living Australia, it brought me back to Aotearoa (NZ), to my whenua, to my whakapapa (my family and roots) and ever since then I have followed her path as best as I can. There is a big story around that and one maybe I will share, but what that beginning has taught me was to come down out of the head and into the body and find out what wants to be lived.

One of those wild guidance’s was to buy a van and to create my business around being able to live and work from my van. My wild heart told me I needed to be mobile in order to keep gathering the medicine and to be able to share the medicine.

Within couple of months I bought a van against all the narrations and the judgements in my head. I did it because it aligned with my desire and longing and it FELT deeply right (not in a wrong or right way, but in a knowing way) and the thing I love when I am living in my van Alice is, it's like I'm in sharing my bed with LIFE, I roll over in the morning and it's right there. Wild precious life and my heart, the unknown and the unwritten waiting to be created.

Living with a wild heart is not for everybody right now.

It has polarity

It is deeply liberating, sometimes explosive.

Sometimes my heart grows so wide I think it will actually run away and leave me behind

And sometimes she closes when the wounds are touched.

I have been reminded by my teacher that this is the nature of the heart, to open and close.

It is the intelligence that comes from the same creative force I am devoted to.

And the polarity is it forces you to come up against an identity that has been handed down to you, built around safety and the necessity to fit in (or the very real fear of not fitting in).

A wild heart asks you to question, can I play with life, can I risk and still be loved.

For those that feel this call in your own wild hearts, it is needed and now is a perfect time to journey into this.

As women or those who are deeply feminine, we are the creative force.

This time in our life is calling for us to remember how to create from our wild and precious hearts.

And it is not like you have to throw yourself off the bridge, it can be a slow sweet dance to aliveness.

Your wild heart becomes a waking up to merge with the source of life, to be creative and step out of boxes.

It is love seeking to merge with love. It is in service to love and in service to life.

It is creative

It is why we are here (I believe)

One desire, when it’s met, opens to the next creating a pathway forward.

So dear soul who took the time to ready all this way down. I am opening a 4 week online course in the beginning of May to support women who are feeling called to open deeper into their hearts. This will be an intimate circle of women (8 max) who are called to create from their hearts, who want a deeper relationship with L I F E.

If your wild heart is calling please message me and I will keep you informed as I get the finishing touches on my landing page complete.

Please feel free to message me with questions (PM preferred) or we can set up a time to chat.

Love Jody


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