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Feeling Frustration


It’s that tightening feeling that creates tension and heaviness. It’s that irritation in your jaw, and in the side or your temples, a slight trigger and it can throw you into anger. It is the sympathetic nervous system kicked in, mobilizing you to take action.

It’s also information when we choose to look underneath it.

Frustration often comes up when something either outside of us, or from our own internal voice, is telling us or pushing us to do something that is in conflict with another part.

For example when we want to do things in our own time with our own creative flow and someone is telling us we need to take more action, that there is not enough time to “have your own flow”.

Or when you want to get out and do more things, have bigger adventures, but there is an internal voice that says something like “nah, let’s just stay home and hang out there, or that feels like too much effort, and it’s on repeat like ground hog day.

When there is a longing to live from a place of more creativity, spontaneity or wild heartedness we need to not only give our attention to the frustration, we need to also orientate to what is being squashed underneath it.

This part often has an essence of childlikeness, it has an innocence and a desire to BE more rather than do more. When we are working somatically, we get to know this part by asking it what it sees (colours or shapes) or what the sensations are when it gets to have what it wants, which might be something like freedom or peace or FUN!!.

As we are giving space to this overridden part, often the sensation or voices that create the experience of frustration will come in and try and overtake this (my teacher has always reminded me that there is always a good reason for that, but I won’t get into that here). At this point it’s really good to “push away” either physically using your hand or your body or verbally telling it to “push off” and keep creating space for the innocence. In this way we are learning to create boundaries for ourselves, to stick up for our innocent and wild part and begin to get familiar with what is alive in your wild precious heart.

If working with this stuff excites you (like it excites me) I am running a 4 week course into living from your wild heart through somatic enquiry beginning in May.

Link to more workshop is here

It will be a small, safe intimate space for you to begin to live from a place of trusting that life is here for you to fully experience, to get in touch with living from a place that feels that you get to keep opening to life and to even feel the possibility that this life is limitless.


Jody xx


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