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There is this story about how a nymph (dragonfly lavae) metamorphosis into a dragonfly.

I'm going to possibly butcher this story (author unknown) in order to tell another story

The story goes, there was this particular nymph, hanging out under the water, living their life, only knowing their life under water, not a bad life, but same same ya know.

Every day, one by one, he would see his friends and family walk up this reed to above the surface and disappear forever. They had promised to come back and tell him what was on the other side, but they never did.

He couldn't imagine leaving his home, it was safe, familiar and yet some thing was stirring, an excitement, a pulling towards....... something beyond knowing.

Then one day, deep inside he felt this calling to climb the reed, he climbed and everything in him (apart from the part that wanted to cross over) wanted to climb back down. What was beyond the surface? What if he lost all that he knew and loved.

New story - true story

There was a moment when my dad was dying, I felt it in my body, viscerally, like someone was showing me a picture inside my body, and my understanding in that moment, without a doubt, was that it was physically so challenging for him to cross over, even though his body was dying . It was the final initiation, a total leap to surrender. To metamorphosis.

So it is for us, every day when we want to open our hearts. We can never know what is on the other side of our yearning to open, and we can choose to trust the yearning and move beyond the fear of the unknown.

What is waiting beyond the surface maybe just what you were truly born for.

The End. Or maybe not.


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