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The link between embodied safety and your wisdom.

One of the things I have found when receiving or giving really yummy Somatic Therapy or Embodied Inquiry Sessions (the ones that feel deeply nourishing) is this feeling of being able to open to the perfect remedy, opportunity, or the way in which you can support yourself with wise compassion, through what can feel like a channeled experience.

In the very early stages of holding sessions using Somatic Therapy tools I tended to find that every time I could see my client had gone back into their head, I would think I had to redirect them back to the body and the sensations (unless I could sense that being in the body was increasing the stress or overwhelm), and what I have found is that a client can get the best results in their sessions through moving between sensations in the body and the steam of thought coming through the mind, but a broader mind, not mind stuck in the old story.

When this happens they often open up to this stream of beautiful wisdom.

Sometimes it can relate to a past experience but it is given in a new way, and all I can say is it’s like it opens up this field of potent information that is directly channeled to them, for them, at the time that they need to receive it.

Clients are always so beautifully surprised and left with a feeling of something that feels centered and aligned and right.

It feels like soul.

Now I just need to go back to the body, because the other part and the importance of Somatic Therapy, or as I often call it embodied inquiry, (and this is often really what the first few sessions are about) is learning to FEEL safe somatically, to begin to know how the body feels when it is safe, in the present moment; because that is where the part of our brain that is creative, open and intuitive connects to higher information and wisdom (kind of like a wise elder) is online.

When we don’t feel safe this part of the brain (the neocortex) shuts down so our survival instincts take priority.

Essentially if we don’t feel safe we are highly unlikely to be able to access our inner wisdom and so we constantly go looking for it outside of ourselves.

In the body space of directing attention to sensation, we build capacity to BE WITH stress, AND stay grounded and present. We begin to learn how to notice stress AND orientate to safety. Unless of course we are unsafe and then we use our innate intelligence to move us outta there.

Often in a session, if the content is getting to much we will come back to something that is a little less intense or we will look for, or orientate to what is safe, or what feels better than the heavy content.

Sometimes building our ability to feel safe can take time.

Its a practice like mindfulness is a practice.

When that is felt, when we have safety as a part of our internal base, we are more likely to gain access to that stream of beautiful intelligence.

I am always left feeling so gloriously surprised at the wisdom that comes through when we approach the sessions from this place, from wholeness and soul.

If this speaks to you and you are feeling the call to open more to the wisdom of LIFE and your own inner wisdom. This is my work and my gift and I am here for you.

You can check me out further through my link or get in touch with me through a private message.

With love Jody.


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